Thursday was a long day for seniors majoring in communication, as they participated in the senior showcase festivities. Among the various speakers, President Gilbert was in attendance and was impressed with what he saw.

“Unbelievably inspiring to see all of these communications come together,” said President Clark Gilbert.”The ability our students have learned to communicate to have a spark of an idea, and drive it into a core message.One of the things that impressed me the most was how varied the media is that they have learned to communicate with.”

Students showcased their talents and skills by presenting their senior projects, which they have been working on all semester long.

The showcase also had another aspect for those attending; an internship fair where local businesses set up booths to recruit students.

“We are looking for interns,” said Curtis Jackson, News Director at Local News 8. “We rely on a lot of interns. They do a lot of things for us, and we like to give them the advantage of getting into the newsroom and just working in the newsroom atmosphere. The showcase provided a long list of job and internship opportunities for PR, journalism, and advertising.”

Katie Harvey, a senior studying communication was at the booth representing Madison Memorial where she is currently interning.

“They asked me to come and work this booth to promote the internship for future communication majors. We do a lot of the marketing, event managing and PR for the hospital in the area,” Harvey said.

Overall, the event was a success and President Gilbert had some advice for the students about communicating.

“Take those skills that you’re learning in communications and helps carry messages can really make a difference,” Gilbert said. “Whether that is tied to the church, media organization that you believe in, or a message for a cause you care about, learn to take those communication skills and project messages that matter have light and truth behind them is really a great opportunity for our students.”

Students and faculty came together to make the spring 2016 showcase a success.