Story by Corrine Woomer

Last Saturday, students and residents of Rexburg ran in the Temple to Temple Relay organized by student activities here at BYU-Idaho.

While some competed and worked hard for their times, others just did it to have a good time with friends.

The volunteers that were helping with the relay stood along the course and gave students water and also took note of their times.

“It’s nice outside, so that’s good,” Sophomore Jace Laub said.

Freshman Miranda Lewis who was also volunteering for the day said that she was in group C, and was supposed to chart the times of the runners.

It was an early morning for some, however the weather made up for these early risers.

“To be honest, waking up early was pretty hard, but once we got out here it was a beautiful day, and you can’t ask for anything better,” Senior Kellen Chumbley said.

Not everyone was doing this on their own free will.

“Honestly, my girlfriend’s roommates were running it, so I decided why not,” Chumbley said.

Even those who are not runners decided it would be fun.

“This was just a fun thing. I am actually a swimmer, not a runner,” Freshman Annabelle Wilson said.

Although there was some who ran it for an activity, they came out better than they thought.

“I ran the whole time, I didn’t walk, so I am proud of that,” Chumbley said.