Brother Shane Webster, the financial services managing director, spoke to students about what kind of positive experiences they should have while in school, during the weekly devotional on Oct. 13.

He gave students four steps on how they can have a positive college experience, both socially and spiritually, while at BYU-Idaho.

Webster said that students should first establish good habits in balancing schoolwork and their social life.

He said students should develop and continue daily habits such as prayer and scripture study because they will be responsible to continue their good habits when they leave BYU-I and enter the world.

Webster said the second step is to get involved on campus.

He said that when students get involved with campus events, they have more opportunities to make new friends, gain leadership experiences and build their testimony in the Church.

He said the third step is for students to plant their roots where they are in order to strengthen their experiences at BYU-I.

“Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there,” Webster said.

Lastly, he instructed students to learn wisdom and to seek to understand the Spirit. He said he grew while attending college here and that he continues to grow at BYU-I.

“We can’t always choose to avoid the adversity that will come to us,” Webster said. “However, we have the ability to choose many good experiences that will help us to grow to become the person God intended us to be.”