Sister Bonnie Moon spoke at Devotional on Tuesday. She shared the simple message, “My Redeemer Lives.” Moon

continued to speak about how the scriptures testify of Jesus and shared the thought, “The scriptures truly lead us on our path home.”

The Stand Up Comedy Workshop meets every Thursday at the Manwaring Center 369 from 7-9 p.m. Everyone is welcome to either rehearse their standup or just have a good time with the performers. There are no requirements to attend.

The group is working on promoting their workshop and future activities will be advertised through the Talent Activity page.

There was a wheelchair basketball pickup game in the John W. Hart Building Jan. 20. Participants signed up using IMLeagues, BYU-Idaho’s intramural scheduling program.

“I had never managed an activity before,” said Michael Weston, coordinator for sports and activities. “So they asked me if there was one I could manage, and I chose this one.”

Wheelchair basketball is much like regular basketball. Weston said one main difference is how dribbling works. Players are allowed two pushes on the wheels before they must bounce  the ball.

“We may do it again at the end of the semester,” Weston said. “This is just a trial to see if people like it or not.”

The hip hop dance workshop meets every Friday from

6-8 p.m. All are welcome to come with as much energy and as little experience as they have. For more information, check the events calendar.

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