Written by Francisco Canseco

Longboarding originated in Hawaii in 1959 and took off in the 1970s. Surfers created the longboard to have something to do when there were poor conditions in the water. Longboarding has come a long way from dying in the 1980s and reviving in the 1990s.

Crucial things you must know when you start riding: 1. Your stance on the board is a major key. 2. Balance and confidence have an influence on how you ride. 3. From there you can move onto carving and breaking. Carving is moving side-to-side while bombing or coasting down a hill to avoid speed wobbles. Breaking is lowering your foot to slow down.

Although longboarding is not allowed on campus, there are places such as the hill by Windsor Manor that can be ridden by beginner to advanced riders. The hill on South Second East is for more advanced riders.