The Wellness Fair provides students with ways to live a healthier lifestyle and to create familiarity for the Wellness Center.

Camryn Kuhns, the Wellness Fair director and a senior studying exercise physiology, said the Wellness Fair was put on to create awareness of the Wellness Center in people. She said that it is an event that is suppose to be lively and fun and for students to learn more about what the university has to offer.

Kuhns said that there was a survey that she saw that showed that outside of the students who are studying exercise physiology, less than four percent of the student population knew about the Wellness Center.

Kuhns said the Wellness Fair was beneficial because it helped to gain notoriety for the Center.

She said the event was in the pavilion in front of the McKay Library where a lot of students walk, so there was high traffic, and they had a lot of students stop and ask questions and learn about what was going on.

She said some of the things that went well were good participation and that a lot of people became interested in the Wellness Center and in what the center offers.

Kuhns said one of her favorite things about the event was when people would see popcorn and come and ask if they could have some. She would tell them that they could if they did push-ups; she said that it was exciting for her to see people do push-ups for popcorn.

The Wellness Center offers full fitness assessment, nutritional analysis and blood lipid profile tests, Kuhns said.

The blood lipid profile test is a blood test that is able to measure cholesterol levels, which is the fat mass within the body, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The full fitness assessment is a free assessment that allows students to get their heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, sub-Co2 mass, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility tested, Kuhns said.

John Scouton, a senior studying exercise physiology, said his favorite part of the Wellness Fair is that it focuses on a person’s health.

Scouton said that by focusing on what he eats, he is able to live a healthier lifestyle, and he sees that his days are more successful because he has more energy that carries him throughout the day.

A way he lives a healthy lifestyle is by focusing on his eating habits by eating yogurt and cereal on a regular basis.

Karissa Jorgensen, a senior studying exercise physiology, said that health is important to her because it allows her to take care of her son.

When she has time, her go-to activity is Zumba because she thinks it is exciting and allows her to exercise in a unique way.

Trung Pham, a senior studying financial economics, said he is not into exercising, but finds it important to eat right.

He said that he does this through restricting himself to fiber-based foods; some of the foods that he eats are vegetables and many types of lean meat.

Casey Killpack, a junior studying computer information technology, said that it is important to have a balanced lifestyle, but admitted that it is difficult for him to do.

“I try to work out at least an hour and a half every other day, if I have the time,” Killpack said.

He said that when he works out, he prefers going to the gym because he feels that it does more for him.

“It makes you look good, feel better about yourself and makes you more appealing compared to if you just went and played basketball,” Killpack said.

For more information about the Wellness Fair, visit or call (866)-672-2984.