It is the healthiest fair in town.

On May 12, the community came together for the Wellness Fair at Madison Junior High School, a free event open to all ages. Madison Cares teamed up with Madison Memorial Hospital and encouraged everyone to attend; college students, teenagers, families with small children or the elderly alike.

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“We want to stress that this isn’t just about physical health,” said Jessica Goudy, the Madison Cares communication director. “It is physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, financial, intellectual and educational. We believe you need balance in all of those aspects of life in order to achieve wellness.”

This is the fourth annual wellness fair. Each year the event’s attendance has increased. In 2014, the estimated attendance was 1,000 people and in 2016 there was an estimated 2,200 people. Madison Cares expected roughly 3,000 people to have attended this year.

There were about 88 vendors at the event and about 30 different screenings.

In attendance at the Wellness Fair, were many medical professionals. The fair encouraged everyone to come and ask any and all questions they might have regarding health.

Any local provider was given a booth and asked to participate at the fair. This was a way to promote not only their businesses but a way to get people to come out and see what services are provided locally.

This years wellness fair offered an opportunity, not to only educate those in attendance, but to provide a network opportunity for the community.

This networking opportunity will allow those who are screened to have connections for present issues or for future problems.

“If people don’t need that service immediately, then they have a connection, a tie for somewhere down the road,” Goudy said. “They might need a physical therapist, or a financial advisor, whatever it might be. So, we want to connect to the community, unite them, educate them and empower them to take charge of their wellness.”

The focus this year has grown and was aimed towards prevention and intervention regarding people’s health.

The screening section of the fair had about 30 different screenings. Anyone could have come to get tested for free. There were screenings for BMI, blood pressure, EKG, balance and flexibility, scoliosis, dental, hearing, vision and more.

“(The screenings) are potentially saving people thousands of dollars if they take advantage of all of the screenings,” Goudy said.

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Goudy said that this event is not similar to the doctors office experience. This fair is a place where you would get screened and receive your results, right there at the fair.

“I think our healthcare is an excellent way to improve total population health,” said Lucas Handy, a marketing specialist at the Madison Memorial Hospital. “If people won’t necessarily go to a doctor, they will hopefully go to the fair and get a screening, so we can catch anything that might be there.”

Handy explained one of the many free screenings was to help catch signs of skin cancer. This screening was free and offered quick results.

“This was a free way to possibly stop something before it could become a legitimate problem,” Handy said.

The wellness fair provided a chance for those in the community to build healthier and more knowledgable homes.