DELANEY NELSON | Photo Illustration

DELANEY NELSON | Photo Illustration

BYU-Idaho Wellness Activities is having a race, The Amazing Race, June 20 from 9-11 a.m.

The Amazing Race allows individuals to overcome different obstacles, both physical and mental, according to The Amazing Race Web page.

Participants will race against the clock to see who can finish the course first, and winners will receive prizes, according to The Amazing Race Web page.

Racers are required to create their own four-member teams and dress in their team colors.

Participants are required to dress in clothing that is approved on campus, but  sweat pants are allowed, according to The Amazing Race Web page.

Tiffany Kwok, a senior studying health science, is managing the event this year.

“The Amazing Race is a race against other teams to complete a number of events, problem-solve with a team of people and just to have fun,” she said. “It is on June 20, starting at the Hart football field, and it will be around campus.”

Kwok said some aspects of the race include teamwork, communication, problem solving, fitness and learning.

The various obstacles are set up to test the teams as groups and as individuals.

Last year, around 80 people in 20 teams competed, according to The Amazing Race Web page.

“It’s amazing because, while racing, you aren’t just physically being challenged,” Kwok said. “There are other aspects that are involved in this event. You are challenged mentally, physically and you are challenged in a way that you learn to work with others and as a team.”

Kwok said the race is geared more toward helping individuals to have fun, but also includes elements of fitness as it is a race.

“It’s a great way to have fun with friends and get to know them better,” Kwok said. “Also, if you want to challenge yourself in different aspects, it’s a great way to do it while having fun.”

Students can sign up at the front desk in the Fitness Center or on The Amazing Race Web page. Students looking to volunteer at the event can also sign up on The Web page.

Those who would like to know more about student events can like the BYU-I Wellness Activities Facebook page to receive updates.