BYU-Idaho students gathered from all across campus to participate in an amazing race. The diversity that each group showed was both athletic and intelligent, for each team was required to accomplish both physical exercises along with mental ones. From the I-Center courts, to the track, to the John Taylor Building and a few places before finishing at the Thomas E. Ricks Building, these athletes got in a full-body workout from start to finish. This is what helped motivate the athletes to compete.

“Be a team-worker because you work with a team and motivation just to be able to run all around campus,” said Sarah Christensen, a senior studying exercise physiology. “Just have the energy to want to win and be competitive.”

This competition requires both thinking and physical stamina. That’s how you win.

The desire to compete does not necessarily come from within — it comes from working together as a team and staying motivated until the very end.

“I wanted to compete because I’ve always heard from my roommates and mutual friends how exciting this race was and this bug group of us were talking about how fun it would be to get a group together and do this race and we did and it was way fun,” said Allyson Anthes, a sophomore studying elementary education.

Did you miss out on the amazing race? Don’t worry, it happens once each semester. Each version of the amazing race comes with new twists and turns which can prove to be challenging for any group. Check the events calendar at to see when the next amazing race is scheduled to occur.