Mike Wood Freshman Business

Trevan Thompson, a junior studying architectural technology, said that at the beginning of the semester, he set goals spiritually, secularly and socially.
“As you are goal setting, consider your values and priorities across all areas of your life,” according to Ohio State University’s Academic Success Center. “For example, you could set goals that are academic, career and work-oriented, or health and wellness-related; and these goals can be large and long-term, or small and   short-term.”
“I set goals to magnify my calling and do 100 percent of my home teaching, prayer and scripture study,” Thompson said. “Academically, I wanted straight A’s and perfect attendance and to learn just for the sake of learning, not only for how it looks on paper.”
Thompson also said he wanted to join a flag football team and go on at least two dates a week to try and find Mrs. Right.
Ashley Whitlock, a sophomore studying English, had a goals to go on a date at least once every two weeks.
“I wanted to get outside of my room and just talk to people,” Whitlock said. “I feel like I’m progressing well in that I’m getting to know more people.”
Whitlock said she wanted to learn how to manage her time better so she has time for school and personal scripture study.
“For school, I’m learning how to manage my time better by setting five-minute breaks here and there during an hour long project,” Whitlock said. “I hope, by the end of the semester, I will have improved at time management in knowing how to prioritize school and social life.”
According to Chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel, a guide to missionary service, planning can help people accomplish what the Lord needs them to.
“Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish,” according to Preach My Gospel. “Through goals and plans, our hopes are transformed into action. Goal setting and planning are acts of faith.”
Between now and the end of the semester, there is plenty of time for students to evaluate and reassess.
“Now that I’m halfway through the semester, I feel like I’m doing pretty well on some of those goals, but others could use improvement,” Thompson said. “I definitely want to reevaluate my goals and see how I can adjust my behavior to meet those goals.”
Thompson has a strategy; he said he wants to have good enough grades by the end of the semester that there is a cushion in case he does poorly on finals.
“I want to be good friends with those who I home teach and to be dating someone by the end of the semester,” Thompson said.
Thompson said other goals he has are to have an internship set up for spring and to take advantage of the resources BYU-I has to offer.
Even off track students can plan how to finish the semester strong.
Ethan Koopman, a junior studying computer information techonology, falls into this category and said he feels his goals are similar to those who are on-track.
“Because I am off track, I have the opportunity to take that energy that I would usually devote to homework and invest it into other things,” Koopman said. “My whole goal this semester was to have a good balance between everything. That includes spirituality, physical well-being, social life and work-life.”
Koopman said he feels that, so far, this has been a good opportunity to accomplish his goals.
“I work in the Students Records and Registration Office Monday through Friday, 11 to 5, which is perfect because I still have time to devote to other things that help me to keep that balance,” Koopman said. “In the mornings, I am able to wake up and have personal study time in the scriptures before I have to start getting ready for work.”
Koopman said he is also involved in a recreational flag football team with his friends, which he feels is doing well.
He said being phyically fit comes easily, since he is able to visit the gym after work.
“As for the social aspect, this semester I am the executive secretary for my ward, so I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of really great people, and I truly enjoy serving them and getting to know them,” Koopman said. “Between doing fun things with my new friends and hanging out with my roommates, I feel that I am doing well socially.”
Finding balance is something Koopman said he feels he has been able to master at this point. He said he does not really have goals to reach by the end of the semester.
“That might sound weird because the whole point of having goals is to set a point and then work towards that point, but I want to do much more than that,” Koopman said. “I want to be consistent in the habits that I have established and keep it up until the end of the semester and beyond.”