In an effort to prepare for an upcoming project, trees have been cut down, in downtown Rexburg.

Rexburg will be installing a new waste and water system in the downtown Main Street area. To prepare for this project, the city has begun cutting down the trees.

“They have cut down the trees on center street to make way for a new project that will change the sidewalk, planters and curb,” said Val Christensen, the community development director. “New trees will be put in when the project is completed.”

The plans are not yet finalized but are on their way in hopes the project will be completed this summer. Keith Davidson, the Rexburg city engineer, is working to push the plans through.

“We don’t have a definite length of time yet,” Davidson said. “The hope is to definitely have it done before the students are back in the fall. Possibly before the eclipse happens in August, but we’re going to see how things work out.”

According to, the city of Rexburg’s engineering department is in charge of public water and sanitation along with the construction of streets.

NATHAN JONES | Scroll Photography

Their goal is to improve and maintain the condition of the city. Although they cut the trees down, it was not in vain.

With the upcoming construction along these streets, the trees were to be cut down anyway.

“What we are looking at doing is a project on center street from main street down to first south,” Davidson said. “We’ve got a water line that we will be installing, then we will be reconstructing the street and sidewalks there, then we will be putting in the trees.”