Live music performances in a small town like Rexburg isn’t the same as the live music scene in bigger Idaho cities such as Boise or Pocatello, but it still has its own distinct musical presence.

There aren’t near as many official venues in a city that has recently adopted the tagline Millennial City USA, but Rexburg makes up for that through privately-owned sites that allows performers to “jam and jive.” One of these locations has had many names throughout the years and is now a popular restaurant and music venue called “The Burg.”

The Burg is a popular restaurant among BYU-Idaho students and is usually filled to the brim. One of the managers, Layne Davidson, said that there are close to 980 customers weekly and about half of the those people come from Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Burg sponsors different nightly events such as karaoke night on Tuesdays, open mic night on Thursdays, and live music concerts on Fridays.

“My favorite place to listen to live music in Rexburg is probably The Burg, just because that is where most of the live music I hear about is,” said Spencer Ford, a freshman majoring in General Studies.

But The Burg isn’t the only place students get their music fix in Rexburg. Venues like The Shed, Skizzy’s, on campus performances and even local community events draw crowds.

“My favorite live performance in Rexburg that I’ve seen would have to be at Madison High School during some of the parties they’ve thrown,” said Jessica Foster, a freshman studying Business Management.

Students can find information on performances at all of these venues through each organization’s website.