You have all seen a poor BYU-Idaho student sprinting up the giant hill to get to their class across campus when the clock strikes 9 a.m.

Perhaps you’ve seen that unfortunate girl, who is obviously wearing a brand new pair of heels, struggle to make it up the stairs.

Reasons for being Late to Class: Finding Car

Have you seen that one kid who storms into class breathing heavily with a sweaty shirt after hiking his way through campus?

Are you one of these unfortunate souls? What is it that makes BYU-I students late to class? Whether it’s five minutes or a half hour, many students arrive late to class on a regular basis.

Clancy Paul, a freshman studying biology, said he is rarely late to class, but when he is, it is because he underestimated the time it took to get to class.

“Misjudging the travel time is one of the reasons why I’d be late to class,” Paul said. “I tell myself I can make it to the far side of campus in five minutes, no problem.”

Daniel Heaney, a freshman studying art, said that eating meals is a reason why he is late to classes.

“Eating lunch is a big reason why I’m late to class,” Daniel Heaney said. “Sleeping in is so important to me. It’s too hard to wake up sometimes on time.”

Reasons for being Late to Class: breakfast.

Sean Heaney, a sophomore studying secondary education, said he arrives to class fashionably late a lot of the time.

“Sometimes I can’t find a shirt that I want to wear,” Sean Heaney said. “You have to go based off what you feel for the day and sometimes you just don’t know what you are feeling.”

There are those students that arrive fashionably late to class, and those that get to class looking like they just rolled out of bed with their hair tousled and their shirt inside out.

Sean Heaney said that he gets to class late because he wants to sleep in for as long as possible.

“Probably the most common reason why I’m late to class is I try to sleep as late as I possibly can,” Sean Heaney said. “I stretch it as best I can. I will try and sleep in, but then I will wake up and want to eat food and then I won’t have time.”

Paul said that it really comes down to making the decision to get to class in general.

“I have attitude problems,” Paul said. “Do I really want to go? Should I show up today?”

Last minute decisions to get to class in general is another reason why students show up to class tardy. You remember you have an I-clicker attendance quiz in your science class that you just can’t miss. Or maybe you have a group presentation you totally forgot about.

Daniel Heaney shared a classic elementary school excuse for getting to class late.

“Sometimes my roommate eats my homework and I have to redo it,” Heaney said.