Photos by: Kelly Gubler

A wild moose attracted BYU-Idaho students and Rexburg residents who lined the fence around the lot to the east of The Ivy Monday evening.

Around 8:30 p.m., several residents spotted the moose running through the parking lot.

Krystal Simpson, a senior studying communication said she and her roommates were getting out of her car when she first spotted the moose.

“There’s a moose!” she said.

Simpson said her roommates believed her once the moose started running toward them.

“We started screaming and running for our lives,” said Simpson.

Two men on four-wheelers who had previously been trying to chase the moose out of the parking lot and away from people chased the animal out of the path of the girls.

The moose then ran a stairway in an alley between buildings two and three.

Camie Hubert, a sophomore studying child development, was on the phone in the alley when the moose ran past her toward the field behind the housing unit.

The moose ran and down the fence bordering the field, trying jump over it.

“It kept bumping into the fence,” said Michelle Priaeto, a senior studying sociology. “It finally jumped over it and wandered around the field.”

Officers from the Rexburg Police Department and Campus Security arrived on the scene after a source called in the lost moose.

The officers began cutting the fence, creating an opening for the moose to escape through.

“It’s pretty common,” said campus security officer Jason Peebles. “We get a lot of moose calls.”

While it may have been common to the officers, many onlookers expressed their surprise at the scene.

Many students driving passed stopped to see why the crowd had gathered.

Officers fired off flares trying to frighten the moose out of the field. After several unsuccessful attempts, the moose laid down, to which there was an audible “awwww,” from the crowd.

A police car entered the field and sounded its siren finally herding it away. The crowd responded with cheering.

The moose ran East Seventh South into University Village. Several police cars chased it into the apartment complex.

“We’ve been here for 10-years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Nanette Allred, a resident of Rexburg.

Allred said the turnout the moose drew was hilarious.

“You know it’s a small town,” she said. “We’ve been texting all of our friends.”

As of 10 p.m., officers had still not captured the moose. The police’s goal is to chase the moose into the fields surrounding town.