Students in the Department of Business Management are in the process of creating a new society to strengthen women and enhance their knowledge of business and accounting.

The creative team will present The Women in Business Society (WIBS) for approval to the Dean of the College of Business and Communication, Edwin Sexton, on Feb. 22.

Emily Gardner, a sophomore studying business management, said the that their meetings will be held every first and last Thursday of every month at 5:50 p.m. They are setting up a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group. She said the society is planning to create a website soon and that their meetings will be available online.

Steve Snow, an accounting faculty member, initiated the idea of a women and business society. He said that his wife, who has an accounting degree, was looking for ways to be more involved at BYU-Idaho and had asked him if there was a society of business for women. He said she was disappointed to hear there was not one. After discussing it and having his wife’s promise that she would be involved, Snow decided to start the organization of the Women in Business Society.

Women students and Snow are currently working on the bylaws to present the society. They recently established the purpose of the institution.

According to the bylaws document written by the creative team, “The Society of Women in Business strives to empower, uplift and prepare women to fulfill their full potential within the workplace, the community and the home. attribution goes here. This is accomplished through skill set development, mentoring and service opportunities as we become disciple leaders of Jesus Christ.”This is accomplished through skill set development, mentoring and service opportunities as we become disciple leaders of Jesus Christ.”

Snow said that women at BYU-I are great examples, and this new society will help them develop their gifts, life skills and give them opportunities to serve and mentor each other. He said it will help them achieve their goals and ambitions whether it is at home or in a career.

“We want to take women from all majors, all backgrounds and make them strong and confident in their skills and abilities so that when they become mothers or business women they are able to be confident and do it independently,” said Makenna Wilcox, a sophomore studying business management.

Wilcox said it was hard to feel that women’s opinions were important being a minority in her business classes.

Lauren Day, an accounting sophomore involved with the WIBS, said it would not only help women with their families and jobs, but it would open their eyes to careers they had never considered.

“Women who join the society are going to hear firsthand from different businesswomen that are at all different stages of life and career statuses how they have successfully been able to balance the two and where some of their attempts have fallen short, in order to inform them how they can do the best they can,” Day said.

Bonnie McDougal, a freshman studying business management, said, as they were meeting to set up the society, she could see how women can be empowered and have a voice while they still fulfill their purpose as women in God’s plan.

McDougal said it is amazing to be part of the organization because she could find a place where women were powerful agents and were passionate about learning but would also understand the equality between men and women.

“The society will strengthen women as they preserve the doctrine found in ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World’,” McDougal said.

Sabrina Wasden, a sophomore studying communication, said the Women in Business Society will give a voice to women, whether they are majoring in business or they simply want to be more informed. She said the society’s environment would be such that it would allow women to develop and have their own voice as they participate in the activities and trainings provided.

“We are an action-oriented society,” Wasden said.

She said the creative team is planning on doing service projects not only to make a difference in the community and the school but to help women develop their talents.