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U.S. military services are beginning to recruit women to combat positions, previously held only by men,according to plans endorsed by Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

The Navy has begun to collect submission packages from perspective SEAL candidates, including women. These women could be enlisted and in officer training as early as September and October, according to The Associated Press.

Some branches of the military feel only a small number of women will volunteer or advance through the course, according to the AP. The Marine Corps estimates 200 women per year will advance to combat positions, which would make up less than 2 percent of total Marine combat positions.

The U.S. Special Operations Command also anticipates a small number of female volunteers, according to the AP.

All of the branches have made changes to the bathrooms on military bases and other facilities to accommodate women, according to the AP.

Last month, top Marine and Army generals told senators that it could take up to three years for women to fully integrate into combat positions, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Carter initially announced to the Pentagon in December his plans to open all combat position to women.