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Women’s Glee will be performing with the Bluegrass Ensemble on July 16 in the Barrus Concert Hall.

The Women’s Glee choir gives those involved many unique experiences and opportunities of great value, according to the Women’s Glee Web page.

Atina Coates, the director of Women’s Glee, has taught at BYU-Idaho for four years said that Women’s Glee is a pleasure to work with.

“We have a lot of fun bearing our testimonies through the music that we sing,” Coates said.

She said that this semester, there are 55 students in the class and that she always loves to see more people willing to join her choir.

Coates said that because members of Women’s Glee do not have to audition, she always receives a wide variety of students and skill levels, but all students are welcome.

“I have had many semesters when I get people who have never sung before,” Coates said. “So there is brand new all the way up to voice majors and music education majors.”

Genevieve Ware, a freshman studying music, said that Women’s Glee is great for people who just want to sing.

She has been in a choir since she was in the sixth grade and sings first soprano for Women’s Glee.

Ware said there are high expectations for people in the choir, but it is also a good beginner group.

Women’s Glee will be performing with the Bluegrass Ensemble on July 16. The performance will be in the Barrus Concert Hall.

Ware said she is excited for the performance with the Bluegrass Ensemble and that one of the songs they will perform is called “Cripple Creek.”

Coates said Women’s Glee often combines with other groups such as the University Band, University Choir and the Collegiate Singers for different performances.

“There is always a little bit of variety and changing around from semester to semester,” Coates said.

She said that this coming fall semester, the Women’s Glee will be combining with the Percussion Ensemble for the Christmas Concert at the end of the year.

Coates said that another opportunity that the Women’s Glee presents is the opportunity to sing at the weekly devotionals on Tuesdays.

She said they usually perform about twice a semester, but this semester they are performing three times.

“Devotional is always a highlight,” Coates said.

Coates said that the apostles and prophets have often talked about education and that the arts are an important part of that education.

She said the ensembles on campus used to be required as part of the general education curriculum, but there was a change making the degree requirements more focused on the given degree and profession.

“I admire those who choose to be in an ensemble, that they recognize that it is enriching to them and their experiences here go beyond just getting a degree,” Coates said.

Tickets for the Women’s Glee and Bluegrass Ensemble performance are $3 for students and $6 for the general public.