JAMES RICHARDS | Scroll Photography

JAMES RICHARDS | Scroll Photography

Wellness Activities held a workshop on high intensity interval training in the John Taylor Building Thursday, March 27.

Joseph Anderson, a professor in the Biology Department, led the workshop.

High intensity interval training periods may range from 5 seconds to 8 minutes long. They are performed at 80 percent to 95 percent of a person’s estimated maximal heart rate — the maximum number of times a heart will beat in a minute without overexerting the person, according to the American College of Sports Medicine website.

“Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your current age,” Anderson said.

The recovery periods from the interval training periods may last equally as long as the work periods and are usually performed at 40 percent to 50 percent of a person’s estimated maximal heart rate. The workout continues with the alternating work and relief periods totaling 20 to 60 minutes, according to American College of Sports Medicine web site.

Anderson said soccer, football, basketball and baseball could be considered HIIT exercise.

“Just about any sport that you can think of is intervals,” Anderson said.

Anderson said HIIT does have a lot of benefits over aerobic exercise or long-distance running.

“Higher intensity training is safer,” Anderson said.

Anderson said there are endurance benefits from high intensity interval training exercises.

“Doing sprints, you actually improve your aerobic or endurance ability,” Anderson said.

Ammon Jensen, a freshman studying nursing, said the workshop will change the way he works out.

“I used to go on long runs to lose weight,” Jensen said. “That’s obviously not the correct way to do it.”

Allison Seedall, a freshman studying health science, said it was a really informative workshop because Anderson had a lot of facts to support his findings.

“A lot of people here changed their minds about running,” Seedall said.

Seedall said she changed her mind about how to work out.

“If I want to be a better runner, I need to incorporate more high intensity interval training, which not only will make my body more fit, but it will make my running even faster,” Seedall said.

Seedall said one of her favorite ways to exercise is to run.

“I’m an avid runner,” she said. “I run marathons and stuff. This is kind of a shock to me.”

Anderson said people need to be consistent with their workout.

“Those of you who love running, you can do it,” he said.