The Legend of Zelda fans and music fans will come together Thursday evenings to learn to play an ancient wind instrument popularized by the game series The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ocarina workshops will be held in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building 345 from 7-8 p.m.

Chaz Egnew, the organizer of the new club and a freshman studying communication, said he hopes to share his passion with other students.

“When I first came to BYU-Idaho, I hoped to find a club where I could play the ocarina with other people,” Egnew said. “There was no such thing to be found during my first semester.”

Egnew said he decided to take action and start the group himself.

Toben Racicot, a junior studying English, said he plans to attend the workshop.

“The ocarina workshop is a prime example of the diversity of interests manifest on this campus and why Talent Activities is unique in the way we foster those interests and give them a place to be explored and developed,” Racicot said.

Egnew said he plans to teach students how to play the ocarina.

An ocarina is a vessel flute, or an ancient wind instrument, according to

“I’ll spend some initial time getting to know the attendees and what kind of musical experience they have,” Egnew said. “Then I’ll hand them an ocarina, show them how to play the notes and let them experiment for a little bit.”

The ocarina has become popular in recent years because of The Legend of Zelda, a video game where the main protagonist uses the instrument as a tool to overcome obstacles throughout the game.

Egnew said he plans to eventually expand into learning songs from other video games and hymns.

“I hope to see more fans of Zelda, music or just curious people come to learn how to play an ocarina,” Egnew said.