Loren Kerns

LOREN KERNS | Flickr Creative Commons

Yellowstone National Park is raising entrance fees in order to boost overall revenue, according to 590 KID Radio.

Currently, it costs $25 for a seven-day pass to both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, according to the Powell (Wyoming) Tribune.

Park officials proposed a plan that would increase the fee to $50 for both parks. This would boost yearly revenue by $3 million, according to the Powell Tribune.

There is also the option of raising the fee by only $5, making the fee per car for a seven day pass $30. Whichever price increase is decided will go into effect June 1, according to the Star Tribune.

Entrance fees have not gone up since 2008, and the fee increase will serve to help preserve and protect the park and its services, according to High Country News.

This price adjustment is allowed under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, which states that parks can be collect payment for the upkeep of trails, restroom facilities and other park services, according to the Legal Information Institute.

Park personnel are discussing the option of raising camping costs, tour fees and cabin rentals as well, according to the Powell Tribune.