It is certainly no secret that the GOP has had difficulties appealing to millennials. Claire Leiter, 24, from Minnesota is part of a group of millennials at the Republican National Convention trying to change that.

Leiter is a member of the Republican National Convention Youth Caucus.

“The RNC Youth Caucus is essentially a group of young republicans about age 35 and younger who are attending the National Convention,” Leiter said.

Nick Allman, from Texas, founded the RNC Youth Caucus with the desire to form a group of young people attending the RNC to discuss issues and how young republicans can move forward within the party, according to Leiter.

“He had got a hold of the delegate list and he reached out to everybody on Facebook that he could find, like, a week ago and said, ‘let’s form this group, let’s get together, let’s talk about issues, figure out how we as young republicans can do more and grow,” Leiter said. “So, it’s a very new thing. There’s another group called Young Republicans so it’s very similar, but this is specifically for the National Convention to talk about why we’re here, what we’re doing and what we can do better.”

Leiter said she believes the way to connect with millennials is through presenting a message that they can get behind.

“For people who are in college, or who have recently graduated college – they are now facing the economic issues of our national policies,” she said. “They are able to see, in a different light, our foreign policy and all these different aspects. So, I think that crafting a message that doesn’t necessarily talk about the social issues as much – that’s going to help get younger people involved in the Republican Party.”

Leiter said she got involved with the organization when she received a Facebook message from another Texas delegate.

“He said, ‘Hey, we want to form this group of young people and let’s meet up, let’s get together let’s really enjoy our time here as youth,’” Leiter said. “There’s not as many of us as there are of the older generation here and so we wanted to take pride in that and see what we could do with it.”