Story by Kelsey Anselmo-Wright

Living in a small town, like Rexburg, may cause some students to want to get away for the weekend. But, not every college student has their own car. BYU-Idaho has the solution.

Zimride is the new way to carpool with fellow students. It is a website through BYU-I, that students can access whether or not they have a car. Students simply go onto the website, type in their BYU-I username and password, and look for a driver or post about seats to fill in their own car.

“Zimride—they don’t lend you a car,” said Mathew Johanson, a junior studying healthcare administration. “You have to bring your own or, if you want, you can rent one from the Enterprise system here on campus.”

To post or request a ride all you have to do is go to your profile, move to the top right corner, click “Post a Ride” and fill out the form.

Before you post your ride, you may notice the cost bar on the third page. Prices vary depending on distance, the type of car and gas prices.

“For a one-way trip, it’s generally $25 to $30,” Johanson said. “For round trip, it can vary. But, it’s about, it’s more like $30 to $40.”

There are many benefits to using Zimride for both the driver and the passenger.

“Zimride can benefit you by giving you some extra cash if you’re a driver.” Johanson said. “Or, if you’re a passenger, it’s a cheaper way to get you where you want to go.”

So, if you’re looking to get away this weekend and need a ride, Zimride may have what you are looking for.