Photos by Bridget Portillo

Rexburg’s third annual Zombie Apocalypse lurched through Main Street Saturday.
With decapitated doll heads in hand, hidden arms that were tucked behind backs and fake blood dripping from the faces of the zombies in attendance, public bystanders stopped and stared as faces covered in nylon and stage make stared back.
“This event is a fun opportunity to get away from school and work, to dress and be silly,” said Stephanie McMurtrey, a senior majoring in theatre and speech education, and the costume judge for the event.
For the past three years, the Romance Theater has sponsored the Zombie Apocalypse, which has caught the interest of not only BYU-Idaho students but also the families of Rexburg.
The publicity of the apocalypse has also given more attention to the theater and its restoration. The community was able to see the restoration work inside the theater and, once completed, the community will be able to use the theater for shows for any occasion.
Some zombies staggered down Main Street with arms outstretched.
“There is nothing more fun than the Zombie Apocalypse,” said Gary Benson, a technical theater professor at BYU-I.
Some students were concerned that the march may not continue after BYU-I seniors graduate this semester and leave younger students to continue the tradition.
“Tonight we are here to have fun and hopefully the new members here will help keep the tradition,” said Clarissa Deming, a senior studying theater and speech education.
With so many students and locals, the members of the BYU-I stage make class had their hands full.
“We are required to have 10 hours of volunteer work for the class. The Zombie Apocalypse is a fun way to learn the skills we will need to gain for
future jobs, and it helps us complete the hours required,” said Taylor Regen, a freshman majoring in general studies.
The students worked out of the back of a red SUV and rotated the members of the march through their staff.
As the march came to a close, there were moans and shouts of celebration from the zombies, and as soon as Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe” came blaring over the speakers, the zombies quickly became dancers and the party continued until dusk.