The zombie chase race this past Saturday had its fair share of hauntings and screamings from the very beginning to the very end. Zombies infested the land and the only hope of survival came through strategy.

“You just go in groups and you run faster than anybody else. If you run fast enough, they won’t even go for you,” said Garrett Campbell, a sophomore studying electrical engineering.

To make matters worse, the zombies were not the only things that you had to overcome. Several obstacles were placed in the course designed to capture you with little chance of escape. Sounds like a nightmare, right? These obstacles varied in difficulty and level of zombie infestation. The faster you were, however, the more likely it was that you escaped unscathed. This was important because these mindless beings also had their own way of pinning their victims.

“My scare tactic… Well I hunch over like this, and then I would flail my arms like this, and then I would make a noise that was like, ‘weuygiwrgwo,’” said Jacob McCann, a senior studying communication.

This day of haunting also came with lots of smiles and great memories. Nobody actually died nor did anybody morph into a zombie, but as Halloween approaches, now is an appropriate time to have fun by pretending that we are.

So now we do not have to endure the torture of tricks, but rather enjoy the pleasure of treats.