1. Go explore Rexburg.

Rexburg has many awesome places to explore, such as Beaver Dick Park, Porter Park and Smith Park.

2. Go travel outside of Rexburg.

Rexburg has may nearby outdoor locations such as Mesa Falls, Lava Hot Springs and Jackson Hole. Taking a scenic getaway during your seven-day break is one way to go.

3. Have a picnic.

Have a picnic with your friends at the parks located around Rexburg. Take a group of friends with you but make sure to leave your phones and socialize with those around you.

4. Go on a date.

Instead of swiping right or left, or up or down, ask out that one person you’re interested in and spend time getting to know each other. Who knows where it might go?

5. Go play sports.

BYU-Idaho is full of many recreational sports for students to play. The John W. Hart Building offers basketball, wallyball, racquetball, swimming and volleyball. Get a group together and play some quality games.

6. Have a game night or game day.

Spend some time playing games, whether they be board games such as Monopoly, Sorry, Life, Trouble or more interactive games such as Twister, Gesture or Animal Charades.

7. Read a book.

Even though students have a vast variety of classes and books to read, taking time to read in their own spare time can go a long way. According to lifehack.org, reading has a lot of positive effects such as increased memory improvement, stress reduction, improved focus and concentration.

8. Hang out more often with friends and those you care about.

While doing the social media fast, spend time with the people that you care about, even if it means doing your homework with them.

9. Go for a walk together as a group. According to aperioncare.com, walking helps improve your sleep, lightens your mood and slows mental decline.

10. Attend school events. Whether it’s a simple choir concert, a world famous singer, a play, an intramural sporting event or a karaoke night, BYU-I always has many events going on through the week that students can check out and get involved in.