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A shooting last night in Thousand Oaks California has left 13 dead in what witnesses are describing a “horrific scene”

The Associated Press reports a former Marine dressed in black opened fire during college night at a country music bar. Hundreds where reported fleeing from the gunman armed with a smoke bomb and a handgun.

According to the AP Ian David Long, a 28-year-old veteran was identified as the shooter. Authorities said Long an episode of erratic behavior last spring thought to be post-traumatic stress disorder because of his military background.

A Deputy with the Ventura County Sheriff’s office was one of the 13 killed when he rushed into the bar to stop the lone gunman according to the AP.

“I dropped to the floor,” Sarah Rose DeSon said on ABC’s Good Morning America “A friend yelled, ‘Everybody down!’ We were hiding behind tables trying to keep ourselves covered.”

According to the AP the gunman took his own life shortly after the shooting.

At least a dozen other people are reported to have been injured in the shooting.

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