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When the weather begins to dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and snow is in the forecast, Home Evening activities may begin to look like another game night. Winter is a perfect time to get creative with what you can do. Here are 13 Home Evening ideas to enjoy in the wintertime.

1. Bob Ross Paint Night

All that is required is paper, paints and a youtube video of Bob Ross. Remember, there are no mistakes in painting, just happy little accidents. Suggested by Emily Bell, a junior studying nursing.

2. Scary Stories and S’mores

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Have members of your group find or make up a scary story to tell each other. Have a flashlight handy.

3. Murder Mystery Dinner

The intrigue, the betrayal, the mystery! Have a member be the narrator of the story and assign characters to the other members of the group. There are plenty of stories you can find online.

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Have the group divide up into teams. In 45 minutes, they have to find and take pictures of as many items on a list. The team with the most photos done in that time wins.

5. Anti-talent show

How decent you are at impersonations? Can you juggle two items at a time? This talent show can consist of half-baked skills, funny skits, non serious lip syncing or any activity you’re not a professional at.

6. Make a music video

Vote on what song you want. Have someone be the director/editor and camera person. Choreograph dances . If your group agrees , y’all can post it online for the world to see. Suggested by Candace Brimhall, a sophomore studying public health.

7. Deseret Industries Fashion Photo Shoot

Head over to DI and divide up your group in pairs. Each pair will dress each other up in a funky outfit. The pairs will explain their designs while modeling them. At the end of the fashion show, take a picture of the group’s adventure.

8. Make a recipe blindfolded or another handicap

Anyone can make mac and cheese, but can you do it blindfolded? Have the group break up into teams where one member is blindfolded and the other is giving directions while others are trying to sabotage the other. If the recipes turn out, everyone can have a nice treat at the end.

9. Minute-to-Win-it or Ellen’s game of games

If the group want to have a game night, spice it up with some wacky challenges. Try having your group cup stack, eat donuts without hands, or keep a feather in the air. Losers will suffer the consequences.

10. Pillow Fort movie night

Have everyone bring pillows and blankets to create a mega fort to watch the movie under. Don’t forget to bring snacks. Suggested by Brimhall.

Not all activities need to merely entertain. Winter is a time of giving back. Your Home Evening group can serve wherever the group sees a need. Here are a few suggestions:

11. Visit A Nursing Home

Places like the Homestead love visitors. Your group can perform a musical number for the residents or simply play games and chat with them. Visit their website for more info.

12. Shovel Snow

Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or driveway. Your groups could later use that snow to make a snowman. Suggested by Madelynn Clark, a senior studying English.

13. Food Bank

The Family Crisis Center is a great place to volunteer. Visit their website for more information.

There are several activities the campus provides for your Home Evening group. The fee is normally low and most times free. Visit the Events Calendar for things your group can do on campus.

Wintertime is a fun time; don’t let your Home Evening’s become stagnant. These are a few ideas on how to spice up your wintertime activities. Don’t forget; the internet is a great source for more fun and interesting ideas.

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