Athletes get yoked during Olympic weightlifting competition


BYU-Idaho’s wellness activities program held an Olympic weightlifting competition Saturday Feb. 13.

Erin Malan, a senior studying exercise physiology said the Wellness team has been putting on events like this for years. She said her staff was in charge of making sure this event was a success.

Malan said her passion for fitness goes far beyond an average Exercise physiology major.

“I love wellness, I’m an exercise physiology major, Malan said. “I’m a cross fit coach at a gym, and I love the Olympic lifts and wellness programs.”

The Olympic fitness brought out students with all types of skills and competitive nature, from wanting to see if they could get there personal record or even just extra credit.

“I wasn’t going do it, said Amanda Vilaysone a junior studying exercise physiology.

“I don’t like competition. But I’m here.”

Dallin Jenkins, a sophomore studying Business Finance said that his anatomy and physiology teacher announced the Olympic weightlifting competition in class and offered extra credit for his students to attend.

“I’m excited to be here and see how much I can do,” Jenkins said.

Olympic lifting has two different types of weightlifting exercises.

“We have men and women competing in their specific genders, Malan said. “We have them doing the clean and jerk and the snatch, which are the two Olympic lifts. The winners are going to be determined by the power index, which is how much weight they lift according to their body weight.”

Winning was on the minds of some of the contestants and they set personal goals.

“The clean and jerk is my main one, and I hope I can do 225, that is my goal, ” Jenkins said.

“I want to get my max, and lets see if I can do that.” Vilaysone said.

Malan said this Olympic lifting competition had the biggest turnout ever.

“It’s been really fun,” Malan said.

Amanda Vilaysone won for the women’s. Her snatch was 125 pounds, and 185 on her clean and jerk.
Greg Burton took home the swag bag for the men’s. He lifted 200 on his snatch and 260 on his clean and jerk.