Baylie Escamilla, a senior studying interdisciplinary studies, always knew she would be a writer, but after taking a screenwriting class her path became clear.

“When I started, I wanted to do novel work,” Escamilla said. “Then I took Sister Gilbert’s screenwriting class and I was like, I love this; I love this so much.”

Escamilla decided that writing out details wasn’t really what she wanted to do. She loved writing dialogue.

She wants to be a screenwriter, so she decided to mesh elements of multiple writing degrees into one.

Escamilla works as a reporter at BYU-Idaho Radio writing segments and news stories every week. Escamilla said that while she loves working at the radio station on news stories, her passion lies in writing fictional dramas and comedy.

Escamilla dreams of working in Los Angeles or New York City where many major television networks are located.

“I have always wanted to work with NBC, so I have been applying for a ton of screenwriting fellowships,” Escamilla said.

She is finishing up her degree this year by working on her final communication project.

“Right now I am working on a 7-9 minute short film that I scripted and am directing,” Escamilla said.

Her original idea was shot down by a teacher because of the structure. Last minute, Escamilla developed a dramatic comedy script that tells the story of a couple who get divorced.

“I was sitting in class stressing about what to write about, and it just came to me,” she said.

Escamilla didn’t always have these aspirations. She explained she originally wanted to be a stay-at-home mother until she experienced a bad relationship, which caused her to take a second look at her options.

“I realized that’s not the life I wanted,” Escamilla said. “I would go crazy if I was at home all the time, and it’s a great path for so many women, but not for me.”

Escamilla hopes her story will inspire women to follow their passions, whether those lie in being a mom, pursuing a career or both.