Planning a fun and memorable Super Bowl party can be difficult. Here are three ways to make your Super Bowl party extraordinary.

— Create a theme and put up decorations

Decorating and adding character to the party can make it a more enjoyable time for everyone.

Invite guests to wear midnight green in honor of the Philadelphia Eagles, or red and gold to show support for the Kansas City Chiefs.

— Provide good food

At the end of the day, food is a big part of the party.

“Pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese are definitely some contenders for simple Super Bowl meals,” said Carter Buhler, a BYU-Idaho student who is planning on watching the Super Bowl. “Pizza and wings are honestly the best way to go, you can never go wrong with that either.”

Play a game

A small side game can help people stay invested.

Jonah Judd, a freshman at BYU-Idaho, shared one of his favorite Super Bowl traditions, “It’s kind of like the jar guessing game where you guess how many jellybeans are in the jar and the closest to the amount wins the jar. Well, our version involves the jar and a big jar of candy, or even soda, or a gift card, but instead of guessing the amount in the jar, you guess the score at the end of the game. Closest to the end score wins the prize.”

Something as simple as guessing the winning score could change the atmosphere of the party so that everyone feels included.