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5 majors for unsure college students

The BYU-Idaho life consists of devotional dates, swing dancing, seeing old missionary companions and studying for finals. When stress hits its highest point, things don’t get easier when you realize that maybe your major doesn’t intrigue you like it used to.

So, if you’re realizing on your fourth attempt at passing Thermodynamics that the idea of working at Yellowstone sounds a lot more appealing, here are five majors that could change your future.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Fries and ice cream, Oreos and peanut butter, grilled cheese and maple syrup — the combination of two good things can make a great thing! This applies to BYU-I’s new major known as Interdisciplinary Studies. Through this major, students can build their own schedule with subjects that interest them. So, if there isn’t a major that suits your needs and your likes, treat this predicament as a LEGO set — put the pieces together and build your own!

To find more information about Interdisciplinary Studies, click here.


Have you had a strange attachment to the 2012 Illumination Entertainment movie, The Lorax, and dreamt of speaking for the trees? For those who have always had an affinity toward nature and plants, even if it was just in the movies, we encourage you to check out BYU-I’s Horticulture major.

“It feels really fulfilling to be able to learn the practical applications of something I love and be able to build a profession from it,” said Rachel Busath, a BYU-I alumna. “I feel really blessed to have had the resources to do so.”

This program helps students aspiring toward a future working with plants, whether in nurseries, floral shops, landscaping, golf courses, parks or horticulture marketing. Students in high-level classes may also have the opportunity to utilize their landscaping skills and add attractions to the Ricks Gardens. This includes working with the greenhouses and plant shops that are located in the Ezra Taft Benson building. Speaking for the trees is one thing, but bringing more beauty to not only this campus but to the community may be your new passion.

To find more information about the Horticulture program, click here.

FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship

Often it is fascinating seeing creative things made by your average Joe in a student apartment complex. Through the FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship program, side hobbies such as jewelry-making, T-shirt printing and sewing can become a franchise or business opportunity. In this program, students can learn how to create and sell their work and become successful designers. Students can learn how to turn a small social media page into a business.

To find more information about the FCS Apparel Entrepreneurship program, click here.

Fisheries, Range and Wildlife Management

Living in Idaho, it’s easy to be one with the earth when hiking through the wheat fields in your cowboy boots and imagining dramatic background music playing as if you were the horse from Spirit. As the world becomes more beautiful and important to you, you can check out majors that will help you enjoy the outdoors. Through the Fisheries, Range and Wildlife Management major, you can start the path to becoming a wildlife professional.

To find more information about the Fisheries, Range and Wildlife Management major, click here.

Therapeutic Recreation

When being inside is the last thing you want to do, take work outside. Through the Therapeutic Recreation major, students can learn that outdoor activities may be the best medicine for their clients. This career path includes jobs such as recreation therapy, activity director, assisted living and more. This allows students to work alongside people who could benefit from some Vitamin D and some fun in the sun.

To find more information about the Therapeutic Recreation major, click here.

With so many options at BYU-I, deciding on the best route can often be intimidating. But as students turn to the simplicity of what makes them the happiest version of themselves, this decision can be a lot less daunting.


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