In a small black-box theater packed to the fullest, Comic Frenzy kept the audience laughing all night last Saturday with their improvisational comedy show. Here are five reasons you should check out their next show.

1. Audience participation

No, it’s not pulling random people onto the stage, but Comic Frenzy has the audience participate throughout the whole show. For each segment of the show, members of the toupe would ask the audience for suggestions. The first word the troupe heard was the word they would base the scene around. They pulled participation from each section of the crowd, sometimes multiple times. As they announced at the beginning, Comic Frenzy wants to put on the show everyone wants to see.


2. Improvisational skills

Throughout the night, this comedy troupe never missed a beat. They went from telling a story about a giant snowflake, to acting out a story about Bigfoot, to switching between five different “television channels” without batting an eye. They crafted a story about the French Mafia and reinterpreted a scene through gibberish, keeping the audience entertained and laughing through the whole show.

3. Running jokes

The cast is good at recall. Throughout the show, they kept up a few running themes, such as Pluto. One of the very first things they did was tell a story of a snowflake that made it so that Pluto was a planet again, and they incorporated that story line into other scenes.


4. Teamwork

One thing that was evident in the show was the level of camaraderie among the members of the troupe. It was clear that they had worked together for a while and were able to interpret and help each other’s actions and acting in order to smooth out the show.

5. Entertainment

Comic Frenzy provides an hour and a half of clean comedy, which is something to do on a Saturday night. It could be date night, girls night or just something to do with your roommates. Everyone was too busy laughing to be bored.

Comic Frenzy’s next show is Dec. 12. They can be found on Facebook for more information.