BYU-Idaho has a new major in the Political Science Department. The new major is public policy and administration. Here are five things you need to know about this new major:

1. Success in this field:

According to the US Department of Labor, the median salary for people who work in this field was more than 100,000 during 2016.

2. Amount of schooling needed for this degree:

Matt Miles, a professor in the Political Science Department at BYU-I, said, “The new major is designed to prepare students to get jobs without going to graduate school.”

3. Other benefits to this major:

Chad Newswander, a professor in the Political Science Department, said, “This new major will help students learn how to apply rational decision-making knowledge to solve real-world problems.”

4. Graduate school is not necessary for this major, but this major can prepare students to continue with their education.

“The major also prepares students to go to graduate school in law, politics, policy or public administration,” Miles said.

5.This major can also lead students to business.

“This major is like a business degree for people who would rather work in non-profits or the public sector,” Miles said. “Businesses attract customers through advertising and sales; non-profits generate revenue differently.”