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5 tips for fun in the sun

Winter is over, and spring is in full bloom. Students are emerging from indoor activities to enjoy the coming warmth.

With so many coming from around the world, it’s hard to know what to do in Rexburg during warm months. The five tips below outline activities BYU-Idaho students can participate in.

1. Water Activities

Those who have visited the Warm Slough, about eight miles from Rexburg, find it makes the perfect summer day with its cooling leisure. This river supports various water activities such as tubing and swimming.

According to Rexburg Online, “Just as the name implies, the water is actually warm and has a slow, gentle current.”

While this river is noted to be soothing under the radiant sun, it isn’t the only water activity available. You can also host water balloon fights at Porter Park, or sign up for swimming events at the John W. Hart Physical Education Building.

2. Ice Cream

It’s very possible that you haven’t outgrown your childlike glee when you hear the chime of the ice cream truck. No worries.

From Crispy Cones to Sonic, there are many options in Rexburg to enjoy when the ice cream cravings hit.

“I prefer G’s Dairy (Delights) because it’s cheap,” said Aubrey Jensen, a senior studying mathematics education. “It’s also homemade, which makes it 10 times better.”

3. Stargazing

With the nights becoming warmer, the social life on campus can last all day long. This includes BYU-I’s reemerging stargazing event on the off-campus grounds of Henry Fork property.

“Sure, you can go outside and look at the stars, but the purpose of stargazing with BYU-Idaho is to allow students to explore the stars and the planets in a much more educational manner,” said Morris Christensen, BYU-I campus recreation activities advisor.

Christensen explained it would be a fun learning opportunity with the addition of s’mores.

4. Thomas E. Ricks Gardens

Flowers are beginning to blossom next to towering trees.

If you enjoy nature walks, you might be interested in visiting the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens. Students have attended and remark it to be a serene environment to think, study or enjoy a picnic, whether it be alongside friends or a significant other.

With flowers, trees and decorative architecture, you are welcome to take in what the Gardens have to offer.

5. Outdoor Sports

Last, but certainly not least, you can participate in the outdoor sports returning this semester. Football, soccer, Spikeball and frisbee, as well as others, are coming back as campus activities this semester.

You can join these sports as part of the school, or you can assemble your own group and play some pick-up games off-campus.

“I love playing sand volleyball,” Jensen said. “I like being in the sun with a big group of people. Plus, skill doesn’t really matter when it comes to the game, so it’s just about having fun.”

These are just a few of many activities you can participate in this semester.

There’s lots to do. Get creative. Have fun.


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