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Budgeting and planning for activities can cut down the bill for many students when dating. “Don’t spend what you don’t have,” said Mitchell Tree, a freshman studying plant and wildlife ecology. Finding fun activities that you and your date can participate in for little to no money can be tough, so being aware and getting creative with activities can save time and money.


1. Activities on campus

There are many activities on campus you and your date can participate in for little to no money. Activities like roller-skating or bowling at the Manwaring Center cost as little as $2 with your student I-Card.

2. Carpooling

Carpooling as a group can relieve the stress of paying for gas and saves time for everyone. “Your group can pool money together so that everyone is spending their money evenly,” said Alexa Ames, a sophomore studying biochemistry.

3. Look for deals

Always keep an eye out for deals and sales at restaurants and movie theaters. This can save money and can spice up your dates when you only have little money to spend. “Living in a college town, there are already so many deals; you just have to be aware of what is going on around you,” Tree said.


4. Outdoor activities

Going out in nature can not only save money, but you can also get to know your date better. “Unlike a movie where you just sit and watch, you can spend time outdoors and talk with the person you are with,” Ames said. You and your date can go hiking or walking, skiing, biking and so much more in the community of Rexburg.


5. Game nights

“Make use of the resources you already own,” Ames said. You and your date can invite a group of friends over and play board games and other card games to save money. “Alexa and I both enjoy playing card games with our group of friends and enjoying snacks,” Tree said. “Game nights are a fun and easy way for everyone to have fun without spending a cent.”

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