Along with the stress of finals at the end of the semester, students have another thing to worry about: clean checks.

The last day of the semester is Dec. 15, and every apartment goes through white glove clean checks, where students are required to thoroughly clean their apartment for the next tenants.

Here are some tips for successful clean checks.

1. Make a plan

Lindsay Coffin, a sophomore studying professional preschool education, said making a plan helps her not feel overwhelmed.

Coffin said white glove clean checks can be a lot of work, so planning helps her to stay on top of the work.

“My apartment gives us a paper with all the information on it, so I usually prioritize what can be done immediately and what can wait until I am almost ready to move out,” Coffin said.

2. Start early

“White glove clean checks require cleaning the whole apartment top to bottom,” said Kaya Stahle, a senior studying geology. “Starting early is important if you don’t want to spend an entire day cleaning.”

Stahle said even though finals are a busy week for her, she tries to clean a little bit every day so she can leave Rexburg when she wants.

Emily Rose Perkins | Scroll Archive

“Of course some things can’t be cleaned until the last day people are living in the apartment, but some things like shelves can be cleared off and wiped down,” Stahle said.

3. Have disinfectant wipes handy

Coffin said disinfectant wipes are the best things to buy when preparing for clean checks.

“Disinfectant wipes can clean almost anything,” Coffin said. “You can use them on practically any surface. I recommend stocking up on those.”

4. Multitask

Coffin said multitasking has helped her clean checks go quicker.

“For example, if you are cleaning your bathroom, some things might need to soak to get grime or mildew off,” Coffin said. “You can let those things soak while cleaning something else. You’ll be happier if you can spend less time cleaning,” Coffin said.

5. Don’t try to hide anything

Stahle said she has seen roommates try to hide damage they have done to walls or hide something they did not entirely clean.

“Whoever is checking what you cleaned will always find out if you are hiding something,” Stahle said. “Just be smart and clean what you are supposed and don’t try to hide anything. You’ll feel better that way.”