Finals week can be a tough time for students. Studying over a whole semester, anxiously waiting in long lines to enter the Testing Center and lack of sleep due to all-nighters from cramming can stress any student. However, there are ways that finals week can be easier.

Kiera Hiatt, a freshman studying accounting, plans to study this week and finals week, take one test each day and study for the next test afterward.

“I plan the days I take the test, take one each day and study afterwards while getting ahead on homework,” Hiatt said. “Some of the tests will be cumulative, so I go over what I learned all semester.”

Amanda Clark, a sophomore studying history education, quizzes herself on what she learned through the semester when studying.

“You know how you study, so do what you can,” Clark said. “Don’t cram in study time over sleep. You need sleep to retain the learned information.”

According to Big Ideas, studying in 20-to 50-minute increments and taking five-to 10-minute breaks is more beneficial to retaining memory than cramming.

Here is a list of how to ease the stress of finals week:

1. Quiz yourself on what you have learned all semester.

2. Manage your time when studying. It is better to start studying now to retain information than to cram everything in the night before, according to Big Ideas.

3. Get enough sleep. At least eight hours is needed to function properly, let alone retain information. Pulling all-nighters is not healthy. According to Big Ideas, staying up all night to study interferes with REM sleep which aids in retaining memory.

4. Make sure you eat. Having three balanced meals a day helps the brain function. According to Big Ideas, research suggests that high carb, high fiber and slow-digesting foods like oatmeal can be beneficial as brain food. Healthy snacks like yogurt, cheese, granola bars and fruits can also be beneficial.

5. Take a break if needed. It is important not to stress so much, otherwise, you might not do well on your finals.