Coming to a new school for the first time can be a little daunting, but BYU-Idaho has a plethora of things to get involved in that incoming students love. There are 10 different categories, such as service, performing arts, sports and outdoors.

Dive deep into what BYU-I has to offer to make your first semester a memorable one. Here is a list of unique groups and organizations that you may not know exist:

1. Investment Society

If you like numbers, investments and finance, this is the place to go. BYU-I gives this society a certain amount of money to learn how to invest in stocks and how the market works. There is a weekly competition to see who can make the most money with their allotted amount. Join the trading challenge and increase your knowledge on how the dollar works in today’s world.

2. Outdoor Activities

If outdoors is more of your thing, take a look at what natural attractions surround the Rexburg area. This group involves students in outdoor activities whether you are a beginner or advanced. There are also different ways to get involved in various leadership positions that are offered. So take a hike to the Tetons or learn how to kayak down the Snake River. The Outdoor Resource Center supplies gear rental for any kind of adventure.

3. Student Support

Students can get involved with other students through an organization called Student Support. Their three key principles are leadership, facilitating and mentoring to enable all to strengthen relationships with fellow students and Jesus Christ.

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Through the Get Connected program, they help with new student orientation at the beginning of each semester. There is also a first-year mentor organization, visit day ambassadors, Heber J. Grant mentors and Disciple Leadership Training. These organizations allow volunteer opportunities and ways to become better disciple-leaders.

“I have loved being surrounded by a lot of people that are there to serve,” said Kaitlin Rushton, a student director of Student Support and a junior studying elementary education. “It’s amazing to see students give up their time to be a better disciple-leader by serving one another. If you want to strengthen your testimony of this school and Jesus Christ, this is the way to do it.”

Other students involved in this organization agree that it gets students out of their comfort zone to meet new people.

4. Wellness Activities

The wellness programs offered are inspired to help maintain healthy relationships and healthy bodies. They offer the Fit4Life program designed to help you work out the way you want to work out. They also offer full wellness assessments and in-body analysis to help you be aware of your health. Get involved by attending meal prep workshops, zumbathons and many different races throughout the year.

5. Talent Activities and Associations

If you came to BYU-I with a unique talent and you can not find a place to grow or show it, look no further. Talent Activities provides opportunities for students to explore the arts as they discover, develop and share their talents. There are various workshops, performance auditions, talent shows and a musician and performer’s board to help students find those with similar talents and abilities to perform in student-led shows on campus.

If this is still not what you are looking for, then you can propose a new activity. Explore ideas for new activities and become the manager over your approved event.

There are events, groups and various associations that are tailored to you, so find what you are looking for today at