5 ways to get more involved at BYU-Idaho

AARON MCCALL | Photo Illustration According to the Institute of International Education, 49 percent of international students come from China, India and South Korea. In 2012 and 2013, a record high of 819,644 international students studied at U.S. colleges and universities.

Attending college can have a whole new set of challenges that many aren’t expecting. Here at BYU-Idaho finding ways to get involved and to become more social can be hard for some, but it just got a whole lot easier.

1. Volunteer/ participate in Student Activities

Student Activities is a student-led program and is available to any student on campus. The activities program is all about giving students the opportunity to learn and grown, according to the Student Activities Web page. Student Activities offers different categories for students to volunteer and participate in. Students can volunteer and participate in service, wellness, sports, social, life skills, outdoor, talent, recreational facilities, and the Outdoor Learning Center.

2. Sign up to tutor

Chad Slater, Computer Information Technology, Sophomore. Dustin Zaugg, Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore
Chad Slater, Computer Information Technology, Sophomore. Dustin Zaugg, Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore


Becoming a tutor at BYU-Idaho is open to all students who seek employment as well as providing a service to others. Tutors are chosen from students who have succeeded academically in the class, who have completed a tutor-training program and who have been approved by their department, according to the Tutoring Center Web page. Being able to volunteer to tutor is also available. Volunteer tutors requirements aren’t as strict as a regular tutor and volunteer are providing a service to other students.

3. Go to an event


Getting involved doesn’t always require signing up for an event or volunteering. Students can go to the many student run events and BYU-Idaho supported events on campus. Going and supporting other students in their talents is a great way to get involved.

4. Join a sports team

Basketball TournamentAC03

BYU-I offers competitive and rec sports for all students and for various sports. Competitive sports provide opportunities for individuals to develop personal honor in a disciplined team environment, according to the BYU-Idaho Intramural Leagues Web page. Although not as time consuming, recreational sports provide an opportunity for students to compete and grow as leaders, team members and individuals.

5. Learn something new


BYU-Idaho offers various classes for students on campus to develop their talents. Apart of Student Activities come and learn how to do something that you didn’t know before. Ranging from learning a new dance move to learning how to juggle Student Activities allows students to get involved and learn something new.