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5 Ways to “Go Green” this Saint Patrick’s Day

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Get ready for a day of green getup this Sunday, March 17, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. For over 1,000 years, the Irish have celebrated the day as a religious holiday dedicated to Saint Patrick, who is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland (see History.com).

Saint Patrick’s Day is now celebrated in the United States; what can be done to “go green” this Saint Patrick’s Day? Here are five possibilities:

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1. Dress your best in a green outfit

Whether it’s a hat, scarf, jacket, shirt, socks, shoes or pants, wearing green is the number one thing to do this St. Patrick’s Day.

“Why not dress up on Saint Patrick’s Day? It’s fun, plus I don’t want to get pinched,” said Mickeala Scheffner, a sophomore studying social work.

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2. Throw a leprechaun party

Make it a day to celebrate even if the only leprechaun you know is on the front of the Lucky Charms cereal box.

See who can finger paint the best rainbow. Play pin the hat on the leprechaun. Go on a scavenger hunt for a pot of gold. Decorate the way a leprechaun would, using the color green.

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3. Eat green foods

Both naturally green food and food dyed green can make St. Patrick’s Day pop.

“When I was in fourth grade, we read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss and then ate green eggs and ham,” said Brayden Baccarini, junior studying history education. “Eating food is always fun, especially when it’s green!”

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4. Have an Irish dance-off

What better way to get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day than to learn an Irish jig?

“Dance is a celebration of our bodies and what they can do. … I think that applies to any form of dance, including Irish dance,” said Makayla Carter, a freshman studying family and consumer sciences.

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5. Learn some Irish lingo

The Irish Gaelic language, or Gaeilge, is a Celtic language. According to About World Languages, it is the first language for only 138,000 people. Take some time this St. Patrick’s Day to learn some of the language.

One common Gaeilge word is “craic” (pronounced “crack”), meaning a good time.

Follow these ideas to make this St. Patrick’s day a craic with the lads.

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