BYU-Idaho students have access to a range of community resources designed to support their academic, social and emotional well-being. Here are seven resources students can explore during their time at BYU-I.

BYU-I Thrive Mental Health Program

Addressing mental health concerns is crucial during college, and the Thrive Mental Health Program on campus offers support for students experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. The program gives workshops and group counseling sessions. One-on-one counseling with a therapist is also provided in the Student Health Center.

Nature Park

The 15-acre Nature Park is an ideal spot to relax, recharge and enjoy the outdoors. Students can take advantage of walking trails, a pond, picnic areas and wildlife observation, making it a perfect place to unwind or meet friends for a study break.

Madison Cares

Madison Cares, a social services provider, offers resources for students and the community. Services include individual and group therapy, family counseling and crisis intervention. Madison Cares also has programs for suicide prevention, substance abuse and trauma recovery.

Rexburg Free Clinic

The Rexburg Free Clinic provides essential healthcare services to uninsured or underinsured individuals. Medical attention is available for those in need, with services encompassing primary care, women’s health, mental health and dental care.

Madison Library District

The Madison Library District is an excellent resource for students seeking books, computers and study spaces. The library hosts events such as book clubs, writing workshops and educational presentations, making it an ideal location for research, group study sessions and quiet reading.

Family Crisis Center

The Family Crisis Center offers support to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault and other crises. Services include emergency shelter, counseling, advocacy and educational programs. BYU-I students should be aware of this resource for themselves or others in need of help.