Late Tuesday night, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the news that President Thomas S. Monson, the Church’s president and prophet, seer and revelator, had passed away peacefully in his home.

That very night, millions of church members and other supporters – including President Donald Trump – reached out online to share their love of the man who spent over half a century dedicating himself to serving the Church. Here are some of those reactions:

Some people shared their favorite quotes from him:

Others shared some memories and impressions President Monson left with them:


And others reminded everyone that as they mourn the loss of their beloved prophet, they can be comforted knowing he is back with his sweet wife, Frances. 

After 63 years of serving with the Quorum of the Twelve and years of service before that, President Monson touched lives throughout the generations. His funeral services will be held Jan. 12 at noon MST in the Conference Center.