With Halloween around the corner, here are seven haunted attractions located in the Rexburg area.

Haunters with dolls at the Haunted Forest preparing to scare.

Haunters with dolls at the Haunted Forest preparing to scare. Photo credit: Andy Adams

1. The Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest, located on the outskirts of Rexburg, is a self-guided attraction that takes groups through a cornfield, dark forest and next to a river. The path has rumors of a well-known pirate captain.

Neighboring the Haunted Straw Maze, tickets are $15. The attraction celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year.

2. The Haunted Straw Maze

The Rexburg Straw Maze becomes haunted every Friday and Saturday night with terrors taking many different shapes and sizes.

Tickets for the normal day maze are $6 for ages 5-11, and $8 for ages 12 and up, while haunted maze tickets are $15 for all. Those younger than 4 get in free.

Two girls running on a path by the river.

The Haunted Forest path by the river. Photo credit: Andy Adams

3. The Haunted Theatre

Located in Shelley, Idaho, the Haunted Theater was closed down in 1990 due to construction hazards but was reopened for community events. Many local ghost stories are tied to its history, and the theater is now the home of a haunted attraction every spooky season.

Ticket prices can be found on the attractions website.

4. The Haunted River

The Haunted River, open weekends up to Halloween, is a walkthrough haunted attraction, that turns Christmas-themed as the holidays shift.

Tickets are $25, but students can receive a $5 discount.

A haunter standing by the entrance to the Rexburg Haunted Forest.

A haunter standing by the entrance to the Rexburg Haunted Forest. Photo credit: Andy Adams

5. The Hospital of the Lost Souls

Located in a historic building on State Street in Shelby, Idaho, the hospital was open from 1909 to 1926. While the eerie hospital ward and ghostly dark basement are hair-raising, the past surgical room is said to be the creepiest.

Ticket prices vary per night and are available on their website.

6. Haunted Mill

Located in Teton, Idaho, the Haunted Mill sets the scene for local spine-chilling tales. A tour takes you through four levels of the old flour mill and the grounds as creatures and monstrosities roam free.

The tour is included with $15 admission.

7. Idaho’s Haunted Hospital

Being included in a paranormal episode of Ghost Hunters, St. Anthony’s Haunted Hospital teaches guests about the building’s haunted past. The hospital has a haunted maze and house tour. The house tour covers the third floor, which was once said to be sealed off in the 50’s due to apparent hauntings. Ticket prices vary each night.