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International Students On Campus

  We talked to a few international students on campus.  We asked them about the biggest differences between BYU-Idaho and the schools in their home countries.  […]

International students study at BYU-I

Among the student body at BYU-Idaho, the common question asked, besides “What is your name?” is “Where are you from?” Answers vary from local cities to […]

International Students Halloween Traditions

  Halloween Traditions Differ for Students with International Backgrounds By Jenny Farley BYU-Idaho has many students from all over the world. As we know, Halloween is […]

International Students

BYU has adopted a change in their international student policy that will involve a $4000 deposit for incoming students.

International students discuss education

Some students at BYU-Idaho are international students. In their application to BYU-I, these students were required to go through a different application process than those from […]

A home for the holidays: How international students celebrate the holiday season away from home

  BYU-Idaho had 585 international students enrolled as day students, for the Fall Semester of 2013, according to BYU-I statistics Web page. Many of these students […]

International students adapt to Rexburg

Students come from all over the world to attend BYU-Idaho. Nelson Sosa Castillo, a freshman studying business management, said he is a convert to the Church […]

International students enjoy US ideals

Some international students have enjoyed the freedoms of living in the United States and wish to honor those ideals in their future endeavors. Laxman Barre, a […]

International students share holiday traditions

International students miss home, but feel thankful to be at BYU-Idaho. James Hundley, a junior majoring in international studies, said he chose to come to BYU-I […]