BYU-Idaho A Capella Workshops are held in the John Taylor Building in room 147 each Friday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The workshop is hosted by the three a capella groups on campus including Musai, Resonate and Apollo.

Each class focuses on a specific skill that is refined throughout the night and is built to be beginner-friendly. Last week’s skill focused on breathing and rhythm, led by the two directors of the workshop.

“I love to learn and I have always wanted to learn how to sing better,” said Kalob DeVries, a junior studying business analytics. “I think the A Capella Workshop is a great and non-threatening place where I can learn and develop new skills. It has been a lot of fun and everyone has been very friendly there.”

Each class begins with a warm-up that includes reviewing scales, rhythm and diction through a variety of songs. Participants are also reminded of proper standing positions and how to produce the best sound.

A Capella Workshop

A Capella Workshop flyer. Photo credit: Weekly Activites

“The best part is how invested people get and how excited they are,” said Caleb McKeon, a freshman studying architectural technology. “That really feeds us energy and we feed it back to them and it is amazing.”

McKeon is one of the two leading directors of the workshop.

The majority of the workshop is learning an a capella song arrangement. The directors teach how many beats each note is worth and break up the group into singing parts for practice. Parts of the songs are repeated multiple times to understand and practice the rhythms.

All majors are encouraged to participate and the workshop is free for all students.