A different kind of downtown

Photographer captures beautiful sunset over the ocean. Photo credit: Kayla Nicholls

When you hear “downtown,” you most likely imagine big buildings, shopping, and lots of people. This only begins to describe downtown Honolulu.

In the city, there are beautiful plants, trees and an incredible international market with dozens of pop-up stands owned by locals, and the beach is about only 100 yards away.

Kalakaua Avenue is an especially busy street with live music from street performers and artists ready to draw pantomimes for frivolous tourists. It also holds the incredible Moana Surfrider resort, open for anyone to walk through and enjoy the beach behind it.

Tucked away on a narrow street, Dukes Lane has a different ambiance — still busy, but different. There are lights above the street that lead to pop-up shops where locals are selling all kinds of souvenirs including jewelry, grass skirts and toys.

The island of Oahu has a unique vibe that is worth experiencing. After all, not many cities have people walking down the street holding surfboards at 9 p.m.