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The following incidents are from the Rexburg Police Log and are public record.

Fired and Fired up

“Police took a walk-in report regarding someone making threats. A male told police that his employment had been recently terminated at a local business. While the male was there to speak with a manager, he was asked to leave. The male and manager got into a verbal argument where the manager had shaken a table and was using aggressive posture. There were no credible threats of violence exchanged or an actual physical altercation. Police advised him it was a civil issue but would still document the incident.”

A multi-lane conversation

“Police received a report of a possible intoxicated driver North bound on US 20. The vehicle was reported to be unable to maintain lanes. Police located and stopped the vehicle. During the contact the driver showed no signs of impairment. The driver had been talking to his daughter who was in the car. The driver was warned for inattentive driving. No citations were issued.”

Harassed by an ex

“Police received a walk-in report from an individual who stated they are being harassed by their ex. A statement was filed, police spoke with the individual regarding the events reported. The individual was asked which course of action they wanted the police to pursue, i.e. document the matter, speak with the individual regarding the mater and give them a warning, or open an investigation and pursue charges if the elements are met. The individual requested the matter be documented for the time being.”

A jump start and a bit of gasoline

“Police assisted a citizen getting their vehicle jump started and getting them some gasoline for their car. The citizen was able to get going in the direction they were headed so they can continue on with their day.”

Know your hot tub limits

“Police responded to a report of individuals trespassing in a hot tub at a local apartment complex. After speaking with the apartment managers they requested the individuals be cited for the trespass. The manager signed the citation against the individuals for trespassing. The individuals were given a court date and police explained the process. After the individuals received their citations they left the property.”

Never saw it coming

“Police contacted a female who was believed to be wanted. Upon speaking with the female they found she was not the person in question, but was still wanted for two warrants. Upon further investigation police found that the male who was with the female was also wanted for four warrants. Both individuals lied about their names to police. During an inventory search of the individuals’ vehicle, they found methamphetamine, Alprazolam and methamphetamine paraphernalia. Both individuals were booked on multiple charges along with their warrants at Madison County Jail.”

Hungry for cookies

“Police were contacted concerning a reckless driver who was spinning cookies in the middle of intersections. Police were able to locate the driver. Because the incident did not occur in the presence of police the individual was warned for reckless driver and fictitious display.”

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