A new perspective of the American Advertising Foundation

The clients that the AAF has pitched for in the past; Snapple, Ocean Spray, Nissan, JCPenny etc.

The American Advertising Foundation is a collegiate association which exists to give students experience. This experience pertains to advertising and developing campaigns for certain companies to practice for future careers.

The club is run by Beth Hendricks, a professor in the Marketing department and the student president of the club, Brenna Pincock, a senior studying communication. They are trying to get information about this collegiate club out in the open to make sure students are aware of its existence and that they can join in the future if they would like.

“For advertisers, building campaigns is something that’s super valuable,” Pincock said. “Especially when applying for jobs ’cause your employers are gonna want to see what you know how to do, and that comes with the form of a case study.”

Case studies are projects where the students make a campaign for a certain company to help them advertise their product or business. The students are then able to compete with other schools to see who did the best job building their campaign.

“I just really wanted to apply the things that I’ve learned and be able to show that after I leave college,” said Nicole Boyer, a senior studying communication.

These students describe how they feel this club has helped them develop skills that can benefit them in their career in the long run.

“I really like that it’s hands on. Even if what you come up with isn’t a good idea, you’re just trying it out to get the feedback from Sister Hendricks and your peers,” said Craig Mumford, a sophomore studying communication.

The students go on to discuss their favorite part about being in the club.

“I like that we focus a lot on competitions because I feel like it gets us out there,” said McKenzie Billingsley, a senior studying communication. “We get feedback from professionals, and we get to put that on our resumes and it’s super cool.”

Boyer explains her admiration for being able to do what she loves with other people that feel the same way about advertising. Boyer said she likes that she gets to learn so much about her desired career which help her improve in her college experience.

Pincock goes on to explain their most recent project, an advertising campaign for Solomon, which is an outdoor brand. The idea behind the campaign was to come up with pictures and taglines that helped with discouraging women’s stereotypes.

The students said there are always projects like this being worked on that can contribute toward a student’s resume and help them gain experience to get jobs in the future.

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