A distraught student rushes into an information technology office, quickly takes out her laptop, and explains to a tech worker that her Student Canvas is not allowing her to submit her assignment.

Edidiong Ekpe, a help desk staff member, examined the Canvas submissions and devised a solution. By saving and removing the previous submissions of the student’s homework, he enabled the student to submit her homework successfully.

“I really felt I helped her a lot because she was about to graduate, and she really needed it,” said Ekpe.

The Information Technology Help Desk can assist with software problems for Microsoft and Mac. Staff also guide people to other resources off-campus to solve computer problems outside their ability.

“Generally, the common issue is connecting to the campus WIFI that requires a specific set of parameters to the WIFI and the second most common problem is to sign into the Word Office license,” said afternoon technology assistant Lucas Angeiras.

The IT Staff is not only a tech-skilled group but also a service-oriented desk to address campus computer issues.

The staff direct their attention to the students and professors who need help and patiently listen to visitors throughout the semester.

“During the beginning and the end of the semester are the busiest times of the year,” Ekpe said.

That’s when IT staff address computer software problems the most while directing students with broken laptops, screens and keyboards to other off-campus resources.

Each student and professor can go to the Information Technology Help Desk in the MC 144 or visit their website here.