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AA Planthouse & Ecuagenera Rare Plant Expo comes to Rexburg

The AA Planthouse & Ecuagenera Rare Plant Expo will open to the public on Oct. 7 and 8 during business hours — 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Plant lovers and plant-curious customers can come to see native Idaho plants and plants that are unique to Ecuador’s rainforests.

“It’s going to be really fun,” said Alexys Owens, owner of AA Planthouse. “I’m excited to see what they bring because all of their stock is really incredible.”

Ecuagenera will bring over 100 plants native to their region of the world. All plants are available to buy, and the staff of AA Planthouse and Ecuagenera will be there to answer questions about the plants and their care.

Crush, a local artisanal drink shop, will be selling drinks and offering free samples during the event. Other local businesses will also aid in decorating and assisting with the event.

Customers can look forward to entering two raffles leading up to and during the event. The first raffle begins this week. Customers will automatically receive a free raffle ticket upon purchasing a plant from AA Planthouse. Other details about the raffle can be found on the AA Planthouse’s Instagram. The second raffle offers customers the chance to win a native Ecuadorian plant, and this raffle will take place during the event.

AA Planthouse has been at its current location, 155 W Main St., since February. Alex and Alexys Owens officially began the business last fall.

Ecuagenera is a plant company based out of Ecuador. They have many different locations within the Amazon basin. Their processes are ethical; all plants they bring are grown in their greenhouses. Many of the plants they’ll bring are endangered species.

“They’re the only company authorized in Ecuador to go into the restricted areas of the Amazon to document and harvest rare plants,” Alex Owens said.

Alex and Alexys Owens are excited to share their passion for plants and specifically their passion for Ecuagenera’s work at the AA Planthouse & Ecuagenera Rare Plant Expo.


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